Frequently Asked Questions

Question : What methods of payment can I use?
Answer : We are always updating our payment methods to best serve our customers. Currently, we accept Visa credit cards (including those with 3D secure), Mastercard and PayPal.

Question : I’am completely impotent; can I restore my normal sexuality one day using MaxViril ?
Answer : Yes, because MaxViril contains all the active molecules necessary to restart a defective erectile system. However, a course of treatment of at least 1 month is required to treat impotence that has already taken hold.

Question : My erections are often limp. Will I have better erections with MaxViril ?
Answer : Yes, MaxViril contains several substances that favour the vasodilatation of the penile arteries, thus stimulating the blood flow to the body of the penis, and others which stop the PDE-5 responsible for dyserection.

Question : I always ejaculate prematurely; can I control my ejaculations with MaxViril ?
Answer : Yes, you will be able to completely control your ejaculations, because several molecules contained in the MaxViril formula inhibit the nervous system, thus allowing you to take control of the ejaculation.

Question : I always ejaculate very little sperm. Will MaxViril increase its quantity and quality ?
Answer : Yes, the ingredients that make up MaxViril not only encourage the production of sperm, but also that of testosterone and growth hormone. The sperm is thus naturally thicker and more consistent.

Question : I feel no desire and I don’t feel like making love. If I use MaxViril, will my libido return ?
Answer : Absolutely, MaxViril boosts a weak libido. It increases erotic stimulation, improves feelings of well-being and has a considerable effect on the systems which arouse the sexual organ (the penis). It is a genuine aphrodisiac for the male libido !

Question : Where can I buy MaxViril ?
Answer : You can only order it from us, this is the only way you can be sure of obtaining the original !