General sales conditions

General Sales Conditions

The present « General Sale Conditions » applies to all the deals handled by the Customer Service mentioned in the invoice.

Any orders received by mail, fax, phone call, e-mail or orders registered on one of the exploited websites, commits the Customer to the present “General Sale Conditions”. The orders are registered and validated at the condition of being accompanied with the complete payment. Any “validated” order is definite and cannot be cancelled by the only one-sided will of the buyer whatever the cause is.
The supplied articles are in accordance to those specified in the order. Photographs illustrating articles, descriptions and presentation texts do not enter in the contractual fields. The customer service is committed to answer any normally expressed request.
The orders are treated and delivered in the best delays. However, a possible delay does not give the buyer the right to refuse the goods, to request a discount on the selling price of the ordered goods, to cancel or terminate the agreement or to request for damage interest.
Selling Price
Unless written agreement, all our prices include taxes. Goods are charged on the current price basis, at the date of the placed order. Delivery costs are charged on top.
Terms of Payment
Payments are made with the order by cash, check, mandate, wire transfer or bank card. Any order not including its payment will not be validated.
Goods travel at the risk of the addressee whatever the dispatching condition is. The sender’s responsibility will not be questioned, except if the present parcel is broken or damaged. If the parcel is broken or damage all claims must be made with the carrier service. After a delay of 7 work days, no claims will be accepted.
The goods will remain the property of the salesman until complete payment.

Refund of damaged goods
The consumer has 7 work days to return the goods, without penalties, to the Treatment Center for exchange or reimbursement. Delivery and Return costs are not included.

Our product guarantee is based on an express agreement, strictly limited to the replacement of the goods, recognized by us as damaged, with the exception of any expenses, repairing and damage interest.
Refund from Credit
In some conditions, the return of the goods can give raise to a credit: These goods remain the property of the customer during a delay of 3 months as from the date of the recorded credit. Beyond this deadline, in case of a non-invoiced credit, goods become the property of TopForm.
Allocation of Competence
In case of conflict, only the Commercial Court of Great Britain is competent. Sales are governed on an exclusive basis by the capacities of the laws of Luxembourg into force binding us with our customer and by the present general sales conditions which are integrative parts of any agreement concerning our sales.Les présentes “conditions générales de vente” s’appliquent à toutes les transactions traitées par le Service de Traitement des Commandes mentionné sur la facture.