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David R. – I would like to share my personal experience of MaxViril with you. It is quite simply sensational! It was at the start of 2008 that I started using MaxViril regularly, for numerous reasons. At the age of 55 I have a professional activity that is still very time-consuming and interesting. But this work is stressful. The production rates are oppressive and the number of hours I have to work each day has increased. In short, after a very busy day, inevitably I’m far from being in great shape and I often come home exhausted! However in the intimacy of our relationship, my wife has the right to expect some participation in a natural activity from me when it comes to our love life…. The thing is, the older I get, the more often I have sexual mishaps and the less I feel like making love!.. It couldn’t go on any longer and it was at the end of 2007 that I decided to consult a doctor in order to take that famous blue pill. To start with, everything went well… But as I continued to take it, I developed blurred vision, headaches and finally red patches all over my face. The side effects were so bad that I had to stop the treatment immediately.
Thankfully I had the opportunity, through my doctor, to have a consultation with one of the best specialists in urology and sexology. At the end of 2006 he was testing out a new 100% natural product with no side effects within this research. So I acted as a test subject for him. The results were rapidly conclusive and there were many advantages.
From a physical perspective: 20 minutes after taking them, with adequate stimulation, my organ responded and presented itself in its best form… Miraculously, it remained erect as long as I wanted. Consequently I had two advantages. I could fully observe how my partner was doing and take care of her… and I didn’t need to worry about a mishap along the way.
From a psychological perspective, the fear of the so-called mishap, and thus of disappointing the woman who is dear to me, was eliminated. In addition, I noted that during sex, I could “steer” like a Formula 1 driver and completely control the moment of orgasm. I don’t know if it was purely psychological or due to the fact that I was holding back for much longer, but the pleasure at the moment of ejaculation seemed to be stronger. And the cherry on the cake: for the next three hours, I could still, if encouraged, “perform” again.
So there you have it, MaxViril should be given some sort of Nobel prize, because it makes a wonderful contribution to harmony and understanding in a couple’s relationship, takes away the guilt of the impotent and enhances the worried male in the eyes of his alter-ego. My explanation was long and detailed, but I was keen to encourage all those who are still not sure or who still have concerns to just go for it… their life will be completely transformed.

Sylvia B. – My name is Sylvia and my husband Jack had great problems with his erections for over three years. Our sexual relations became almost inexistent. We did it once a month and always in the same way (Jack could only keep his erection in a specific position, with me turning my back to him). Throughout these years, I was subjected to this… and to tell the truth I couldn’t take it anymore! I had the feeling that I was only an object to him… I felt humiliated, belittled… even though I knew that Jack wasn’t doing it on purpose. He was in the mood to do it once a month and he used to say to me: “come on, turn round… and then we did it… and it didn’t even last 10 minutes! So I told him I was going to stop taking the pill. For a year, I didn’t use any contraception and my husband had to use a condom! And that made it even worse… He already couldn’t get it up very often, but with a condom he couldn’t get it up at all!
Once again, I didn’t know what to do anymore… I asked Jack to see a doctor, but that made him angry and he told me that at 40 (we are both the same age)… I shouldn’t just be thinking about sex! I was suffering… and I was thinking of taking a lover, someone who could desire me!
By chance – you will see why afterwards – Sophie (my childhood friend) came to visit me. That day, we chatted about one thing and another then suddenly the conversation took a different turn… She started telling me about the difficulties that she had encountered for years in her love life… I was completely stunned when I learned that her husband had had the same impotence problems as my husband… But now he no longer had any problems at all… Quite the contrary, as according to Sophie, he had become quite a horny devil! I quickly told her about the problems I had in my sex life. She immediately understood my feeling of helplessness and gave me the name of the product that her husband was taking at the time, MaxViril. She also gave me the telephone number of the laboratory that marketed it.
As soon as she left, I rushed to the telephone and ordered MaxViril by express delivery. 48 hours later, I received the so-called “miraculous” product. Without saying anything to my husband, I poured the contents of two capsules into his evening coffee. Twenty minutes later, I no longer recognised him, I hadn’t seen him like that since he was thirty years old. He literally jumped on me and made passionate love to me… and this time it lasted a lot longer than 10 minutes!
So there you have it, since that day my husband has no longer had any impotence problems. Of course, I admitted my subterfuge to him and he was more than thankful to me for doing it. Thanks to MaxViril, he was completely cured of this affliction which made him feel so guilty and unhappy for so many years… And as for me, since then I have never wanted to take a lover!
I really hope that my testimonial will help all couples who encounter these types of difficulties.

Mattew W. – My name is Matthew and I’m 30 years old. For the past two years I’ve had serious erection problems lasting several months. I admit it’s quite unusual, given that at my age you’re usually in great shape… and I even felt like I was in great shape! And when I saw my girlfriend I only had one desire… to make mad love to her! But more often than not, I had trouble keeping my erection and when the time came to penetrate her… My penis went limp… In a word, I had a limp hard-on! My girlfriend was even driven to making our dates less frequent, she was getting so tired of it…
Then when discussing my problems with my best friends, one day one of them brought me some blue pills and told me: “here, take two of them… it’s MaxViril, you’ll see, it really works! Without waiting a moment longer, I begged my girlfriend to come over to my place immediately and I swallowed two MaxViril capsules on the spot! That day and throughout the following months (because I quickly bought some) we both really got our kicks in bed each and every time! I never had such incredible erections and ejaculations ever before… I felt at the peak of my sexual power! I have to say that I absolutely do not regret using MaxViril, quite the opposite! In fact I always keep some for my friends, just in case… In any case, thank you and well done MaxViril!

Frederick L. – My name is Frederick and for several years now I’ve worked in the world of international adult films… So I consider myself quite a connoisseur in the matter. After several castings and filming sessions, I always have to have strong erections, but above all, I have to constantly and “completely” control my ejaculation… and that’s something that all hardcore actors have great difficulty mastering. Now it’s no longer a problem! On the film sets we all know about MaxViril and we use it regularly. For us, it’s the only product without side effects that helps us completely with our erections and the only one that allows us to control our ejaculations as we wish. It’s an essential tool for our work. Recommended to all men!

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